Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who Took My Mojo??

Wow! It has been forever since I have added a new post! Darnedest thing! I can't find my mojo! I have looked everywhere...I looked naturally in my craftroom...under papers, punches, Copics, stickles, inks, etc. It isn't anywhere in here! I am sure I left it in here as this was the last place I used it! Stamps are laying everywhere and my Copics are scattered on my desk...I am sure this is where I had it last! My craftroom is in such disarray I am sure no one has come in here...but my MOJO is GONE!! HELP!!! I have about ten Magnolias, four or five Kenny Ks, and a couple of Elizabeth Bell's colored but no Mojo must have left somewhere in between. I was also watching some of Suzanne Dean's videos on coloring with my Copics, I did take the laptop into the family room so that was the next place I looked. Still no MOJO! I noticed that some of my stamped images I had colored were homework for Suzanne's class so I found my camera and started to snap some shots. Would you believe my camera's battery is dead? Unloading the battery and searching for the charger ......Dang it! I had left the charger in Colorado at the cabin. I know the Mojo isn't at the cabin as I did complete a few cards after that option is out! If anyone comes across my MOJO...please...please...please send it back! I am going to see if I can borrow a camera or at the very least go purchase a new charger. I am headed back to the cabin in a few days. Maybe then I can put up a new post.
Have a fun and fabulous week!
Praying for your family and mine!
Big Hugs!!

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