Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Happy Tuesday!

Today was gorgeous! We had cloudy misty rain all day! My absolute favorite! I have so much more energy and love the damp cool weather. What a great break from our almost 90 degree weather in March. Now, I am itching for Spring and praying that we are inundated with rain. Our lake is so pathetic, we need it badly. Our lake used to be 27 miles long and over 100 feet deep. Now, we are holding steady at 39 feet (only because they stopped using it for drinking water for the panhandle) and less than 8 miles in length. Yipes! That really hurt!

There’s a new challenge blog in town with articles, swaps, interviews, videos, challenges, great prizes and MORE! Check out Lily Pad Cards! http://www.lilypad.inlinkz.com/ Run right over and check this one out!

This card was created for a Challenge at Color Me Creative Classroom Challenge Group. This is such a fun group, I hope you will hop over and check it out! You definitely will not be sorry! Our challenge was to create a celebration card. My card is a "Magic Birthday Card" taken from the concept of the "Magic Wallet". I will be posting a tutorial on this card soon. The card is a little difficult to create the first time but then so much fun to make! I am working on another one now!

These pics show opening the card from the right side and then the left side. Notice that the dragon is now under the crisscrossed ribbons? Magic!

This is a close up picture of the spinner on the front of the birthday card. This spinner is from Stampin' Up and I would love to order you a set just let me know. They come in a set of four of the cutest stamps. This is a closeup pic of the dragon which I made into a gift card holder. Cool huh?

I hope you all have a great evening!

Praying for your family and mine!
Big Hugs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Woweee It Is Spring!!!

I am definitely not ready for the Spring weather as we totally got left out of the Winter weather here in the Texas Panhandle! In fact, the past four days it has been above 88 degrees which is entirely tooooo hot for March. OMGosh I can only imagine what it will be like this Summer!!

I have been going to Physical Therapy three to four times a week for my shoulder and dang it the pain seems to only be intensifying. The pain in not in the shoulder per se but in the upper and lower part of my tricep. If I hadn't been an aerobic instructor and personal trainer for eighteen years I would think that muscles are just extremely sore but it is not that kind of pain. It seems more like bone pain especially when it radiates into my elbow. OUCH! Tomorrow I am meeting the PT at the pool for some water therapy which I think will help so much or at least I hope! I am also looking for another surgeon to remove some lypomas that my recent surgeon told me, "I just don't have time to go up and down your arm removing all of your lypomas". He removed the largest one on my bicep but I am convinced that this pain is being caused by the remaining lypomas gathered around my tricep and elbow area. Dnag It!

Oh well, enough about that. I am FINALLY trying to get my CHRISTMAS packages in the mail. Can you believe it? I have three packed and only lack four more and I will be ready to roll. I feel so bad that I haven't been able to do it sooner but with a bum arm it was impossible!

This picture of my St. Patrick's Day card I finally finished for a recent challenge.It was for another challenge at OUTLAWZ for the Tuesday Color Challenge in which the recipe called for three shades green.

I am off to finish some more cards that I HAVE to get done for some other challenges and a very special one for my dear friend that lost her FATHER on Sunday!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

Praying For Your Family And Mine!

Big Hugs!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday to Everyone!
I first want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan! It is so hard to wrap your mind around all the devastation that has occurred It just breaks my heart! I want to encourage everyone to pray for our Japanese friends and open your heart and donate for their recovery. I made a donation this morning and encourage you do to the same. I use First Giving since they are a secure way to donate monies and you can see EXACTLY where your money has gone.Global Giving is a safe and productive way to show your support!

Today's post is a card from LaLa Land Stamps and they are the cutest things! This is Cupcake Marci and I made her for the Tuesday Color Challenge at The Outlawz site. Our challenge was to create something orange, pink, and white. I colored her up with my Copic Markers. I hope you like her and I always appreciate any comments.
Praying for your family and mine!
Big Hugs!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Sunday Evening Everyone!
I hope you have had a fabulous weekend! The weather here this weekend was but due to my sore arm I spent most of it on the heating pad. OUCH! Hopefully this will be a faint memory. The Physical Therapy seems to help the most and can't wait to go back on Tuesday. I do the exercises here at home but I really think when she does the stretching it is so much better!

Now, on to Creating! I have been coloring and having the time of my life since it was before Thanksgiving since I have touched my Copics. I made this cute Little Daisy for a couple of challenges. The first challenge is at The Color Me Creative Classroom in which we were supposed to create something with a feminine flair in the colors of pink, cream, and green. The next challenge I am entering it at is Getting Cricky by Kristal Andrew in which the recipe calls for something containing butterfly fluttering. If you have never checked out these two blogs you MUST as they are both FANTASTIC!
I am off to do some more coloring and want to wish everyone a great Sunday night!
Praying for your family and mine!
Big Hugs!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, what a past three months I have had! Wowzser! I had a lypoma come up on my right bicep that was the size of a golf ball and talk about OUCHEEE! Whew! I don't know if I was babying my right arm from the lypoma or what happened but I developed a pain in my rotator cuff and lost the total use of my right arm. I have been unable to be on the computer or really do much of anything but sit around with a heating pad on my shoulder. I totally missed out on Christmas and I am just now getting my Christmas in the mail. I have been working my hind end off coloring with my Copics, making cards and decorating jars with my Cricut and trying to get things so I can ship them. I feel terrible that it is almost Easter and I am just now getting everyone's Chrishttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giftmas to them.
Valentine's Day I had surgery on my right arm to repair the rotator cuff and http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifremove the lypoma from my bicep. I had thttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.giforn the muscle away from the bone in the rotator cuff with about a 3cm or 4cm tear. OUCH! I have been wearing a brace that completely immobilized my right arm until a week ago today when they removed the brace and I was able to move my arm for the first time since just after Thanksgiving. I went to Physical Therapy this week and my therapists were very pleased with my range of motion which really excites me!

I did this card for the Copic/Promarker Challenge at the Outlawz site in which we had to color an image either sepia or in black and white. This is an Elizabeth Bell image entitle Rapunzel and don't you think she is just the cutest thing? I just love coloring her up. Rush over to the Outlawz site and try the new challenge beginning today in which you have to color something translucent! What a great challenge!
Have a fantastic weekend!