Monday, July 26, 2010

Heavy Heart!

July 26, 2010
Today my heart is so heavy I can hardly stand it! As you know my very dear uncle passed away on June 15th from pancreatic cancer. This morning my dear cousin Bob (we have always been so close and I love him with all my heart) called me to tell me that his precious sister, my darling cousin Sharon (who I also love with all my heart) passed away this morning! Sharon passed away one day short of six weeks of her father! I am so heart broken I truly don't know what to do with myself! We have had plans to spend more time together as she has been caring for her father since the first of the year. Her birthday was five days ago and today she is gone. I know we are not supposed to question God's plan but I can't help myself. There were only six first cousins and now we are down to four. This is unbelievable. I know I should consider myself lucky to have had her in my life for this long but I am selfish, I needed much more time! Maybe it is true that only the good die young! Perhaps it is God's plan to take us at our best when we are truly ready to enter his glorious kingdom. I know Sharon was at her best! She was such a loving caring individual that family meant everything to her! Family has always been so important to me and she shared the same love! If there was a family event Sharon was always there! So was my dear uncle. I can't imagine how we can all get together without them! Perhaps that is our calling to carry on what I know they would want to be continued. They both would want the family to stay close and always stay together as a loving family. Let me tell you people this is one family that knows how to love. This was passed on to us by my very dear Grandparents that no mater what the cost kept us together. Even though some of us are and have been thousands of miles apart we have always remained close if only through the heart. If there is ever a chance for us to be together we are all always there.
Hug your family and keep them close! You never know when the last time to see someone will be! I pray for our family and I pray for yours!
Big Hugs!