Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

Oh My Gosh~! I am so ready for winter! Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!! LOL! This summer has been a disaster! It all started when I went to see DD and to attend the Scrapbooking Convention in Arlington, TX in the Dallas area ! I had been looking forward to it for months! I was packing for the trip when our refrigerator started going out and Texas was having the tax free weekend over Memorial Day on "Cash for Clunkers" on appliances. We bought the new refrigerator which I have yet to see! I went to see DD and on the way to Dallas at 4:00 a.m. on June 3rd I decided to wreck my car and total it out! I broke a molar tooth 30 minutes later which is still not fixed! My hubby came up and we went ot my cousin's wedding in Gainesville, TX and was able to tell my Dear Uncle with pancreatic cancer goodbye! Heart wrenching! Three days later we were headed back to Gainesville for his funeral. While in Gainesville my computer crashed and is still not repaired. I came back to DD's apartment and DH called to let me know that our new air conditioning unit purchased 2 years ago to the tune of $8,000 had gone out. Three hundred dollars later for labor and mileage it is repaired with the part costing fivc hundred dollars but covered under warranty. Geez! When it rains it pours!! I keep telling myself, "It is only money!!"
Needless to say without a computer my scrapping and posting have come to a screeching halt! I am currently at DD's apartment with only my Copic markers, some stamps, and a borrowed computer to keep me happy! I am grandpuppy sitting with my grandpuppies while DD goes rafting on the Illinois River! She is having a bachlorlette party this weekend. I will head home on Sunday only to return the following Thursday and help with the wedding on July 3rd. Off to Tulsa to see me Darling Niece, husband and three boys. Then back home on the 5th and head for the cabin in southern Colorado until the end of October maybe early November. I hope to get in some much needed fly fishin' and then back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Like I said, "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas! Whew!
I thought things slowed down once your children were grown but Wowzer things speed up even more!
What else can I say other than if money can fix it then it isn't really important! Life is good! We are all safe, happy, and in good health. I wish and pray the same for everyone else out there!~
I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Morning! Wow! Can't believe today is June 11th! My how time flies when you are having fun! I have been at my DD's apartment for a week now. I have enjoyed being with her so much. I also have my darling Granddaughter, Alyssia with me and my youngest son! Life if Good! My DH will be coming in this evening and I am so anxious to see him and my two shelties! Wednesday was DH's birthday and missed being with him so intend to celebrate his birthday with him and family this evening. Tomorrow we are off, back to the Dallas area for my little cousin's wedding. Also, get to see my uncle who is ill with pancreatic cancer and I would love it if everyone remembered him in their prayers.

I haven't been crafting until today, I went and bought some basics at Joann's and Hobby Lobby. They are both having great sales on paper if you are in need of any. I have been coloring with my Copics everyday as I did bring those with me but nothing else. I got some gorgeous DCWV and K&Co paper at Joann's they had 40% off and then went to Hobby Lobby to get some of their Paper Studio Cardstock which was also 40% off. Wowzer, I sure saved a lot but also spent a lot! LOL! Never can have too much paper though! I love the way the Paper Studio cardstock cuts in the Cricut so really stocked up on that.

Still looking for another car but geez they are expensive! We haven't had a car payment in a long time and trying not to create another but once you really start looking, I want this one or that one and of course with every option known to man!! LOL! I have got to find one soon as I would love to head to the cabin as soon I return from Dallas and OKC! It has been so hot and humid here in OKC, I could use some fresh cool mountain breezes! Heck, I can always use some fresh cool mountain breezes! LOL! Anxious to get my fly rod and out and let those flies it the water for some fresh trout as well! Yummy!

Took my youngest son and granddaughter to see the Oklahoma City Memorial! I remember the day we pulled up to the fence a month after the bombing, my son was only 6 at the time so doesn't remember a lot but did remember the fence and the empty space where the building once stood. They have done such a beautiful job on the memorial it is a fantastic tribute to those that were forever changed on that dreadful day. If you haven't been to see it you need to put it on your must do list. As my darling granddaughter said, "No one can leave here untouched!" She is such a smart little girl. I think what truly got to her was when we mentioned how old the children would have been now. It has been fifteen years or was on the 19th of April. Those children will be forever young in our minds but they would be in their late teens or young adults now. Sobering to think how their young lives ended so abruptly. Pray that our nation never has to go through the acts of terrorism that was forced on us that day or on September 11, 2001! May God Watch over and protect us! ~ Amen

Have a great day everyone and I hope to have a few of my simple but new creations ready to post later today!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 8, 2010

Hi and Happy Day Before Hubby's Birthday!! Sorry I have been MIA!! I had a terrible wreck on my trip to Dallas for the Great American Scrapbooking Convention!! Dang it! Totaled out my car so have been in the process of getting everything taken care of. What a headache!! On top of that I was eating a sunflower seed kernel, not the shell but the kernel and one of my molers broke into! Yep, split right down the center long ways and is exposing the nerve! You guessed it that was my LAST nerve!! OUCH!! I am in Oklahoma City with my DD and went to the dentist here, he put a temporary covering on it and was it ever temporary! Swallowed it at dinner that night! OUCH AGAIN!!! Thank God for Wal-Mart! They have this stuff that is what dentists use to cover the area and you can put it on yourself, I got some of this putty and put it over the area and I am good to go until I get home to go to my wonderful dentist!! I can't wait to see him!! ROFLMBO!! Who gets excited to see their dentist!! ME!!

I have a new challenge up at Colorful Creations here
Please come join us! All you have to do is show some love to that special guy or Dad in your life!!

Have a great evening!