Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fold of this card

I simply adore this card that Elisabeth Bell has up! Does anyone know what this fold is? I would love to make one but don't know exactly how it is done. Does it have a tag on the inside? If you know please leave me a comment on how to do this fold or a post to a tutorial.
Big Hugs!

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  1. Hi Lis,

    What a cute card, I don't' think I have seen that style before, but if you don't hear from anyone, I would check out some galleries over at Splitcoast Stampers. They have so many members and I always seem to find new things there. If you dont' have any luck there, I would send Elisabeth a PM or post on her Facebook page and see if she can help you with? I'm thinking it's from a member of her DT! Good Luck!

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling so hot. I am now feeling better and actually had a follow up and complete physical with all new blood work done. Luckily, everything looks great--typical with Fibro, but I'm still suffering with the relentless fatigue and some pain. My meds do help a great deal, but I never be pain free. My Fibro Fog seems worse too and I did talk with my doc about that too! If I did not have this darn illness, I would otherwise be a pretty darn healthy female, which I guess is the good news!

    No diabetes, no healthhealth issues and all my blood work came back great! Yaay! It seems that even my thyroid is back to normal and it looks like I may be able to taper down on that med...one less to take! YAAY!

    I sure hope you will break out of your flare soon. I decided against the flu shot again this year, and my doc was on board with that due to me having Fibro. I dont' want to risk putting any more viruses in my system right now and possible trigger another flare. My last flare the the worst I had had in a long time, I thought maybe from the change of season? But, who knows, that's what is so hard about this illness...there are not any answers for all that we have to deal with? I'm off to bed very early again and not at all enjoying the colder weather...but this is New England and I'll have to get ready for winter...YUK!!