Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010
I would like to take a moment and remember this important date in history for our dear United States of America! September 11th is a day we all remember with a sad heart. I pray continually for our country and all the families that were directly effected by this horrible day. I pray that peace comes into our hearts but that we will never forget what the fanatic terrorists did that day in the name of God! So many terrible acts have been committed in the name of God! I always wonder what goes through someone's mind that leads them to believe that God would ever want one of his most beloved creations to kill another in his name? Please join with me in continuing to pray that instead of the repeated hatred that is committed over and over again we turn to each other with love and remember that we all have the same creator that put each precious soul on this earth!
Wowzer! Can you believe that this entire month of August and part of September have disappeared! I have been at the cabin in Colorado since the first part of August and my how time flies when you are having fun! I have spent most of my time fishin' and we have the freezer ready for dinner before we leave tomorrow!
Today we are going to the Old Miner's Inn in Creede, Colorado one of my favorite spots in all of America! The Old Miner's Inn has the best pizza I have tasted anywhere! My absolute fav is the Mamma Mia! Yummy!! Look at the side of my blog for their button and if you are ever in Southern Colorado this is a little mining town you MUST visit and be sure and go into the Old Miner's Inn and try their fantastic pizza! I have tried them all and you can't go wrong on really anything you order. The atmosphere is wonderful just as it was decades ago with the old time bar!
I haven't gotten much crafting done as I forgot a lot of my crafting supplies including the cord that connects my Gypsy to my Cricut, bummer! I did bring my Copic Markers and went to the Copic Certification Class in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I had a fantastic instructor in Jenni Black! I also met some of the nicest people on the planet! We had a ball and if you look to my sidebar you will see that I am CERTIFIED! Woooo Hoooo! I prefer to call myself Bonified! LOL! Love the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou"! If you have ever watched this movie you know that you must be bonified to claim your right to whatever! LOL! Maybe this means I am Certifiably Bonified! (Okay, enough laughing and thinking commit-able!) I learned a lot and cannot wait to get my hands on the Copic Air Brush system since I have finished purchasing all of my Copic markers and now just have to work on the refills! I did make some Thank You cards for all the wonderful crafters that have purchased my Magnolia Stamps from my Ebay and Etsy Shops.
I will be returning home to Texas tomorrow and hopefully will be able to post some of my newest additions in digis from Kenny K Downloads that I am unable to print here! I can't wait to start coloring on these fantastic images! Thanks so much Cheryl for "turning me on" to these great images. I will have a link with my new posts once I get them up!
I am posting a picture is of my DH and my DD at Clear Creek Water Falls above Creede, Colorado on the way to Slumgullion Pass that leads to the beautiful city of Lake City, Colorado. One of the most beautiful drives you will ever take! (Can you tell I love this country? hee hee!)
I hope to add more later but since it has been three weeks since my last post I wanted to catch you up on what I have been doing. My youngest DS decided to stay in the car and catch up on his reading but I just couldn't leave him out of the adventure.
Big Hugs!


  1. Hi, Lisa! It sounds like you are having an awesome Summer! I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned being "bonified". I have been making references to that movie regarding the Copics and folks just look at me like I am losing my marbles...LOL!! But you get me, girl!!! I can't wait to see your Kenny K projects. Those images and Copics were practically made for each other :D Hugz from Albuquerque, Cheryl

  2. Hi Lis,
    It's fabulous that you've been Copic Certified. Now that I am back on a DT, it will be my goal to be certified, if there are ever any classes near me. I've been trying to achieve that goal for over a year, but there have not been ANY classes even close to me!

    I also want to say how nice it is to see the pics of your family and how lovely it looks in that area...what a wonderful place to vacation. I'm sure it must be fabulous to spend time at your Cabin and now I can see why you love it so!

    Looking forward to seeing you online and back into challenges again soon. We have ALL missed you!!


  3. Lisa! I hope you had a very uneventful trip home! Congrats on the Copic certification and being published!! Yahooo g/f! You are so creative and did an excellent job! Love your thank you cards and your coloring is awesome. I love looking at the pictures of your family, you all look very happy and beautiful!! Can't wait to see your next creations! Hugzzzzzzzzz big time to ya!!