Monday, September 27, 2010

Salute to the Great George Blanda!


I would like to send out special prayers to the family of a really great man that passed away today! We are mourning the loss of the GREAT GEORGE BLANDA!! Not only was George Blanda a remarkable man as he was a Hall of Famer in the National Football League but he was a also a Hall of Famer in humanity!! George played a miraculous twenty-six years in the National Football League beginning his career in Chicago! My middle son was a huge Chicago Bears Fan and was a very gifted kicker from a very early age. He went on to kick in college but my story begins when he was about 10 years old! George Blanda found out that he was a huge Chicago Bears Fan as well as being a gifted kicker. George contacted him to tell him how much hard work it would take to become a talented kicker but that he had faith in him and knew he would make it. He sent my son this autographed card along with a letter of encouragement. George also checked on him off and on to know if he was still kicking and how he was doing. Imagine the Great George Blanda taking the time to check on a young kid for over ten years following his kicking career and offering encouragement. George will be greatly missed in our family and I know across the nation as George offered encouragement to a great many people! Football has lost a great man today! George, we love you and you will be missed!
Praying for your family and mine!
Big Hugs!

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