Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 24, 2010

Pictures are of the cards I made as examples for my first ever card challenge. The challenge is to use a critter on your card. A critter can be any living creature other than a human. Your critter must be delivering some kind of message! To go to my first ever card challenge at Colorful Creations go here
Wow! I have been so dang busy I can't keep up with myself! What is new about that? Nothing, I have ADHD horribly so I am always into something but this time I have outrun myself! tee hee! I am honored to be on the Design Team at Colorful Creations in charge of the card challenge. I had a challenge to post this morning and I literally worked for two days making cards to go with the challenge. Of course with ADHD unless I am actually using my hands I get distracted very easily so for one of those days I was trying to concentrate on ideas for my cards. Once I began creating it went pretty smoothly. Well, all except my little birdie that says "I'm as Happy as a Bird with a French Fry!" and there I used Just Rite Stamps for the stamping. If you are not familiar with Just Rite stamps they are wonderful as you have a type set that you can set your letters to create your own sentiment. Well, last night I decided to use Just Rite and it literally took me 2 1/2 hours just to set the letters for the sentiment. Then, it didn't really turn out as well as I wanted! Dang it! I should have computer generated it but I wanted to do the entire thing myself. I even made the little french fry with GinaK Kraft cardstock by drawing the french fry, cutting it out, and running it through a paper crimper! I love the little bird and the french fry but the sentiment yuck!! I will have to improve it by computer generating a sentiment! I want to thank everyone at Colorful Creations for being so encouraging and supportive! Now, that this is done I still have four projects to complete for Simply Scrapping Group so it is back to the craftroom.
In fact, I am so proud of myself! Unless it is shipping my items that I sell on Ebay if you would like to see some gorgeous Magnolia Rubber Stamps the link is here

I provide free shipping for all my stamps and I usually ship them the day I receive the order if the Post Office is still open or at the latest the next day. Well, I am in a stamp swap and a card making kit swap! In the midst of all this I have them ready to go first thing in the morning. I procrastinate everything other than my Ebay and Etsy shops and I actually got these done and they are ready to go! Woooo Hooo! To see my Etsy shop go here
Off to my craftroom to get the projects done!
Happy Monday and See you again soon.


  1. Lisa, These cards are so damn cute! I love the birdie one! I know what you mean about Just you have the set where the words are already type set for you! I don't like the way it stamps the typeset either. But your cards are darling.

  2. Hi Lis,

    I had a great time with your challenge and think your inspiration cards are fabulous. I also want to say Congrats to you again for being offered the DT position at Colorful Creations. I'm so happy for both you and Colleen and know you both will do a fabulous job!

    It's been so great getting to know you both and I feel really lucky to have two new wonderful friends. Crafting is such a joy and has brought so many wonderful people and places to my life. I really LOVE it and it really has been awesome to meet so many other crafty gals! WooHOO!!


  3. Hi Lisa, I, personally, LOVE that bird card! Your cards are too adorable! I also became a follower.

  4. good luck with your new blog, I look forward to what you will be posting.

    the criter cards are fantastic, I am not an animal lover but tempted to enter.

    I have had my blog for a while but had a very long break. Back on now and having lots of fun posting and updating.

    good luck,