Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, what a past three months I have had! Wowzser! I had a lypoma come up on my right bicep that was the size of a golf ball and talk about OUCHEEE! Whew! I don't know if I was babying my right arm from the lypoma or what happened but I developed a pain in my rotator cuff and lost the total use of my right arm. I have been unable to be on the computer or really do much of anything but sit around with a heating pad on my shoulder. I totally missed out on Christmas and I am just now getting my Christmas in the mail. I have been working my hind end off coloring with my Copics, making cards and decorating jars with my Cricut and trying to get things so I can ship them. I feel terrible that it is almost Easter and I am just now getting everyone's Chris to them.
Valentine's Day I had surgery on my right arm to repair the rotator cuff and the lypoma from my bicep. I had t the muscle away from the bone in the rotator cuff with about a 3cm or 4cm tear. OUCH! I have been wearing a brace that completely immobilized my right arm until a week ago today when they removed the brace and I was able to move my arm for the first time since just after Thanksgiving. I went to Physical Therapy this week and my therapists were very pleased with my range of motion which really excites me!

I did this card for the Copic/Promarker Challenge at the Outlawz site in which we had to color an image either sepia or in black and white. This is an Elizabeth Bell image entitle Rapunzel and don't you think she is just the cutest thing? I just love coloring her up. Rush over to the Outlawz site and try the new challenge beginning today in which you have to color something translucent! What a great challenge!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. I just signed up to follow your blog. Great idea you had. I love your blog. I am not too computer litterate. I am having some problems with mine. I have to scroll clear to the bottom of mine on the right side to see my gadgets. If you have any ideas on fixing it, I would love it.