Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday to Everyone!
I first want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan! It is so hard to wrap your mind around all the devastation that has occurred It just breaks my heart! I want to encourage everyone to pray for our Japanese friends and open your heart and donate for their recovery. I made a donation this morning and encourage you do to the same. I use First Giving since they are a secure way to donate monies and you can see EXACTLY where your money has gone.Global Giving is a safe and productive way to show your support!

Today's post is a card from LaLa Land Stamps and they are the cutest things! This is Cupcake Marci and I made her for the Tuesday Color Challenge at The Outlawz site. Our challenge was to create something orange, pink, and white. I colored her up with my Copic Markers. I hope you like her and I always appreciate any comments.
Praying for your family and mine!
Big Hugs!


  1. You are so right about the people in Japan, it is so hard to understand what they are going thought. Now it is so much worse. It is hard to even put understanding in your mind how they must be living and what hurt and pain of nor knowing if your love one is alive or not. We must help as people of a world we all live on. My heart goes out to then and money also. I love your card. Your coloring is wonderful....

  2. Lisa, How adorable! I love your sweet little Cupcake Marci. She is so cute and you colored her wonderfully. I like how you threaded the ribbon in your doily die cut. Very creative. your music! Great album.
    Cathy Lee

  3. fantastic card! thanks for your comments about pezza. and you are right, she is amazingly brilliant - almost creepy. over christmas she decided she wanted to read so she taught herself how to read and is now reading Step 2 books. when she was three she taught herself addition and subtraction. it is definitely difficult to stay one step ahead of her - exhausting really. but i am trying!

  4. What a sweet card. I love the colors you chose and that stamp is so "sweet".