Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2, 2010

Hi Friends!
We just returned from the Dallas and Oklahoma City area from being at my dear cousin Sharon's funeral! OMGosh, my heart hurts! It was so painful to lose my dear Uncle but now my cousin. The immediate family seems to be coping but Sharon loved the holidays as much as I do and this will be such a sorrowful time for them! Sharon was like I am and would much rather watch someone else receive a gift than get one herself, that she again like me went overboard on Christmas gifts! She had nine grandchildren all born in four years!! Sharon loved to buy them gifts and could not wait to see their faces as they opened their packages! Do you think the kids enjoyed this? I know I go way overboard and it takes us the rest of the year to recover from all the gifts I purchase at Christmas! I have always had a love of giving, much more than receiving! I think that is the people pleaser in me, I can't stand it if someone is not happy, I consider it my mission to make the whole world smile! Something I really need to work on.

After my Uncle passed away in June, I did ask my cousins if they were going to sell his SUV to the general public, I would love a shot at having first bids on it. Well, after Sharon passed away my cousin Bob called and asked if I would like to purchase it. We had just made it to Oklahoma City from the Dallas area not quite to my daughter's apartment when he called. To make a long story short, we talked about it and the next day drove back to the Dallas area and purchased the SUV. I am so glad to have it and can't wait to head for Colorado and the cabin! It means so much to me that it was my dear Uncle's SUV! We spent the evening with my cousin Bob and his beautiful wife Pam looking at old pictures (they gave me pics that dated back to 1921~) and going over old memories. We all went out to dinner and had a wonderful evening for such a sorrowful time! Once we returned to Bob and Pam's home, Bob discovered that the front and back tags do not match! LOL! Evidently when my darling Uncle put the tags on the SUV and his other car he put one tag from each on each one of them! In Texas you MUST have front and back. Bob could not find the title either so I am in a pickle until I can get it changed. It was funny though and gave us all a good and much needed laugh!

Dang It! The disasters keep on rolling this summer! Before we left for my cousin's funeral we had received a call from my in-laws neighbors and there was an emergency at their house which we still need to go through and sell. Dealing with this new disaster had set me back in going to Colorado and I still have not made it to the cabin in Colorado and it looks like it will be later this week before I can even think about going. I know that is only a couple of days away but Geeeez! This is freaking ridiculous! I had planned to be there by the 2nd as I had Alyssia enrolled in a theater class in Creede! However due to all the mishaps I am not going to make it since that is afterall TODAY!
I had to resign from the Design Team at Colorful Creations due to this mishap and it taking all my time. So boo hoo no time for crafting right now. At least not what I need to dedicate to being on a Design Team. I have been able to color a few images late at night with my Copics so all is not lost! I also ordered the last of my Copics except for the florescent which I hope to add to my collection some day.

Now, I really need to organize the craftroom as I have everything everywhere! LOL! All the disasters have kept me loading and unloading and just stashing stuff wherever I can find to stash it. I also need to load what I am taking to Colorado and figure out what and what not to take.

I have done a few Christmas cards and that is a big woo hoo as I had promised myself at Christmas that I would work on them all year and so far I have four! LOL! Hopefully once I reach the beautiful mountains, things will settle down and I can get back to normal!

Again, sending out prayers for our family and yours!

Big Hugs!


  1. I am very sorry about all the sadness and tragedy that you and your family have been through this Summer. You have been on my mind often and I do hope very much that better days are coming!

    I hope that you do find time very soon to make to it the Cabin, because I know how much you adore spending time there.

    Please take care and know you are in my heart!


  2. Oh my Lisa, reading your blog is like reading a horror story. So many tragedies you have had to handle this summer, is such a short time. So sorry for the recent deaths and please know your in my heart and prayers. Once you get to the cabin...open the windows and let fresh air in and put your feet up and take a deep breath and say "finally!" Safe travels!