Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Sunday Morning! I am in the process of trying to get my mojo going. I have been really down lately and not getting anything done. I am making a quick post as I really thought I had done this about a month ago. Well, I took the picture about a month ago but that is as far as I got.... I guess. Sizzix is having a promotion consisting of the topic "Where In The World Is Your Vagabond?" Sizzix would like to see a photo of you and your Vagabond and in return you will receive a 2nd edition set of stickers and new set of gauge keys. This is only for a limited time. I hope I didn't run out of limit. Like I said above, I took the picture a month ago and thought I had already posted it. I went through every picture on the site and couldn't find mine. I love my Vagabond! My shoulder surgery last year left my right arm weak. I was unable to turn the crank on my Big Shot if I was doing very much cutting or embossing. I broke down and ordered the Vagabond. The Vagabond is wonderful and is a really tough little machine.
Have a fantastic Sunday! Big Hugs!

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